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#220 : De l'autre côté

                               Joe, un officier de police blessé par balle à la tête, est hospitalisé. L'équipe médicale ne sait trop que penser de ce patient, qui se montre étrangement euphorique. Le docteur House soupçonne des toxines. Pour vérifier son diagnostic, il doit lui faire passer une IRM, ce qui s'avère impossible en raison de la présence de métal dans son cerveau. House décide alors d'envoyer Foreman chez le policier afin de trouver d'éventuels indices. Lorsque le jeune médecin revient à l'hôpital, il présente des symptômes très inquiétants, similaires à ceux du policier. Un course contre la montre pour identifier la maladie s'engage.

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Réalisateur : Deran Sarafian

Scénariste : Matthew V. Lewis

Acteurs principaux : Hugh Laurie (Dr Gregory House), Robert Sean Leonard (Dr James Wilson), Omar Epps (Dr Eric Foreman), Jennifer Morrison (Dr Allison Cameron), Lisa Edelstein (Dr Lisa Cuddy), Jesse Spencer (Dr Robert Chase)

Acteurs secondaires : Scott Michael Campbell (Joe Luria), Loreni Delgado (Haines), Chioke Dmachi (Bay Shoes), Guy Nardulli (Coughing Cop), Calivin King (Le travesti)


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Titre VO
Euhoria Part 1

Titre VF
De l'autre côté

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Première diffusion en France

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Foreman chez le patient pour trouver des indices.

Foreman chez le patient pour trouver des indices.

Omar Epps et Charles S. Dutton.

Omar Epps et Charles S. Dutton.

Rodney Foreman, le père du Dr Eric Foreman.

Rodney Foreman, le père du Dr Eric Foreman.

House voulant faire des tests avec l'arme du patient.

House voulant faire des tests avec l'arme du patient.

House devant la chambre de son patient, Joe, un officier de police.

House devant la chambre de son patient, Joe, un officier de police.

Cuddy discutant dans son bureau.

Cuddy discutant dans son bureau.

Cuddy attend le père de Foreman, inquiète.

Cuddy attend le père de Foreman, inquiète.

L'arrivée du père de Foreman au bureau de Cuddy.

L'arrivée du père de Foreman au bureau de Cuddy.

Cuddy regardant les résultats de Foreman avec House et son équipe.

Cuddy regardant les résultats de Foreman avec House et son équipe.


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[Opens with a car chase, cops car chasing another car. Guy gets out of his car, and cop gives chase. They go over a fence, and through a door. The cop is close behind the guy running. Cop coughs a little. Sees a big fence and knows that they guy couldn't go over.]

Cop: Gosh, guess he got away. [Knows the guy is hiding, because he coughed a little, and bangs on the dumpster with his night stick.] Babyshoes come out to play? [Laughs] Come on! Hands on your head! Climb out! [Coughs again]

[Babyshoes comes out of the dumpster.]

Babyshoes: I can't climb out if my hands are on my head.

Cop: [Laughs] Just keep 'um where I can see 'um man. Ah, ah come on. [Laughs harder]

[Babyshoes jumps out of the dumpster while the cop continues laughing.]

Babyshoes: You high popo?

Cop: Yeah man, catching morons makes me high! [Keeps laughing] Lift your shirt up by the collar, turn around. [Babyshoes does that, and shows that he has a gun.] Oh, would you look at that! Dude's got a weapon. [Keeps laughing, and giggling] Alright you have the uh, right to remain stupid. [Waves his gun around, and is acting a little crazy]

Babyshoes: Watch the gun.

Cop: Anything you say will be completely incomprehensible.

Babyshoes: Seriously man be careful!

Cop: Seriously man? Seriously? Does your mama know what you do?

[Babyshoes pulls out his gun and fires, slow motion on the bullet as it hits the cop, and shatters, parts flying up into his face, and one goes into his head right above his eye. Babyshoes runs away as the cop lays on the ground laughing hysterically.]

[Chase is holding a paper from an article]

Chase: Aww, its sweet, your dad's proud you made the local paper.

[Cut to Cameron, once again answering House's E-mail]

Cameron: With my article. [Very bitter still]

Foreman: Give it a rest! [to Chase] You read what he wrote in the margin?

Chase: [Reads] Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up. [Laughs a little]

Foreman: Yeah, he's not proud of me, he's proud of Jesus. Everything I do right is God's work; everything I do wrong is my own damn failing. [Chase puts the paper on the table as House walks in]

House: Cop with a sense of humor. Differential diagnosis. [Tosses the files out to the ducklings] Guy's in the ER bleeding on everybody.

Foreman: Drugs!

Chase: He's a cop.

Foreman: Good point, how about drugs?

House: Tox screen was clean, he did however get hit by a bullet. Just mentioning.

Cameron: He was shot?

House: No, somebody threw it at him.

Chase: I'm thinking trauma, he's got bullet fragments lodged in his brain.

Foreman: According to Babyshoes, the cop was laughing before he got shot.

Cameron: Babyshoes?

Foreman: The guy who shot him.

Cameron: Reliable witness.

House: His name's Babyshoes, how bad can he be? [He motions to Cameron, and she gives him an x-ray and CT scan film that he puts up on the lighted board he just drug in.] Fragments are in the wrong part of the brain to cause euphoria. So let's expand the search, factor in the cough and the cloudy lungs.

Chase: Why are we ignoring the elevated heart rate?

Cameron: Because he's in shock.

Chase: What if the heart was already fast before he got shot?

Foreman: You mean after the footrace?

Chase: He's giddy, indicates a blockage of oxygen. Carbon monoxide would elevate the heart rate, cause coughing and impair neurological function. [All this time House has been examining the films]

Cameron: He got CO poisoning outdoors? [Very sarcastic]

House: Yeah, all 'cause those bastards didn't ratify Koyoto. Or he got CO poisoning indoors, and then moved outdoors before he inhaled enough to make him drop dead. Test his arterial blood gas, if his carboxyhemoglobin levels are higher then 15% stick him in a hyperbaric chamber. [Points to Foreman] You go check the cop car for gas leaks.

Foreman: If it was the cop car, his partner would be sick.

House: Well maybe she is, just doesn't have as good a sense of humor. Also check his personal car, his work, home, I'll check the precinct.

[Cut to the cop, still laughing]

Chase: Blood test confirmed you have low-level carbon monoxide poisoning. We're putting you inside a high pressure chamber that [looks at the cop to see that he's still giggling, and play with the various things currently attached to him] you don't really care do you?

Cameron: Do you live near a gas supply?

Cop: Um, yeah me...after a huge enchilada. [Laughs again, and Chase has to cough to keep from giggling himself.]

Chase: Anything toxic you have at your home? Any uh, paint solvents, anything unhygienic?

Cop: Uh, no, no I keep a pretty clean home.

[Cut to his house, which is a pigsty. It's covered with old food containers, there's trash everywhere, and it's just gross! Foreman is walking though it taking samples and such. Opens a window and climbs out. Checks for a gas leak, but there is none, Sees a pigeon, and tries to open a section of the wall.]

[Cut back to the hospital where Chase and Cameron are with the cop in the hyperbaric chamber.]

Cameron: If you star having trouble breathing, you can press this button, and the chamber will decompress.

Cop: Like this?

Chase: Not now, if you have trouble!

Cop: [Keeps pressing the button] Ah, it's broken.

Chase: [Takes it from him] If you have problems we'll push it for you.

[The cop's wrist suddenly twitches inwards, it looks painful]

Cop: Ouch!

Cameron: Muscle contracture.

Chase: How bad does it hurt?

Cop: Not at, not at all! [Laughs again, and watches his hand and wrist contract] Looks wild though huh?

Chase: Your brain's not getting enough oxygen; you're loosing motor function. We should start this right away. [Looks to Cameron, and she nods]

Cop: [Laughs again] Should I be scared?

Cameron: No, you probably have a carbon monoxide leak in your place, and we have a guy there checking things out.

[Cop stops laughing, and looks a little worried at that.]

[Cut to Foreman opening a door, and discovering a pot farm. ]

[Cut to the precinct]

House: [Bangs a vent with his cane] Sounds ok.

Female cop: How about the gas intake valve?

House: Looks great.

Female cop: It's down in the furnace room.

House: Your system's fine, if you had a carbon monoxide leak half the force would be sick.

Female cop: Then why are you here?

House: I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

[Thunks his bag down on a desk, and the woman there looks up at him with a smile.]

House: I've uh, I've got a disability. [Hands the cop lots of tickets]

Female cop: These are speeding tickets.

House: Lot of emergencies. It's feeling better now, but you never know.

Female cop: I'll see what we can do.

[House hears a man coughing, and looks over, he sees an air conditioning unit]

House: Where does your partner sit?

[The cop points to the area where the air conditioning unit is.]

[Cut to Foreman and House walking back into the hospital.]

Foreman: The place is s cesspool. But I don't think I need to test for anything.

House: Nope, waste of time.

Foreman: You know about the marijuana?

House: I've heard rumors since junior high.

Foreman: The cop's acting high because he is high. He's got...

House: ...Legionaries Disease. It's a good thing Joe got shot; the whole precinct would have got wiped out. Anarchy on the streets...

Foreman: ...It takes 48 hours to test for Legionaries.

House: And only 2 seconds to recognize that the symptoms fit while staring at the rancid unchanged water of an AC unit.

Foreman: Marijuana explains the high carboxy, the cloudy lungs, and the happiness.

House: Pot doesn't explain the fact that he's gotten worse since he was admitted. Why don't we agree to disagree; actually why don't we agree that you'll disagree with me while treating him for Legionaries? It's not as pithy, but...[he walks off]

Joe: I feel a lot better. The meds are working.

Foreman: Hear rate's normal, COHB levels are down, no fever. Take some deep breaths. [Joe does]

Joe: You seem disappointed.

Foreman: Well I'm glad you're feeling better.

Joe: You got a problem with cops?

Foreman: Please don't talk.

[Chase walks in]

Joe: In my experience people who don't just like cops have a reason.

Foreman: I need you not to talk. No rouls.

Chase: These clouded areas of the upper lobes they're the infiltrates we found yesterday.

Joe: Not there anymore?

Chase: You're clearing up. You had Legionaries now you don't.

Joe: So you didn't, um, you didn't find anything at my place?

[It is obvious that something is up, Joe is looking at them funny.]

Foreman: Nothing medically relevant.

Joe: So there's uh, nothing I need to worry about then.

[Foreman walks over to his side, and you can see that Joe is not really looking at him.]

Foreman: Not this time. [He and Chase give each other looks, and Foreman turns the board with the films over so that the films are not showing.]

Chase: What'cha doing?

Foreman: Make sure he sees what's involved. What we found was fairly advanced, these cloudy areas here [points to nothing on the board, but Joe nods] and here. These parts of your lungs simply weren't functioning. [Looks at Joe who has not commented on nothing being there.]

Joe: But they're ok now right?

[Foreman waves his hand in front of Joe's face, and there is no response.]

Joe: Everything's ok now.

[Cut to Foreman looking into Joe's eyes.]

Jose: I'm fine! [Leans forward, and smacks his head on the machine.]

Foreman: You're blind.

Joe: I bumped into something that doesn't mean I can't see.

Cameron: I'm sure it's frightening, but you only think you...

Foreman: ... What's Dr. Cameron wearing?

Joe: [Looks over Cameron] Dark blue pants, white shirt, black shoes.

Foreman: Oh! Almost, except for the pants, shirt, and shoes. You're blind.

[Joe smiles sadly.]

[Cut to the office]

Chase: He really thinks he can see.

Foreman: He can physically see, his brain just can't process it.

House: No chance this is a practical joke?

Foreman: No way. Anton's blindness indicates damage to both occipital lobes.

Cameron: Must be from the trauma.

House: Bullet fragments just happened to hit the same spot in both lobes? Stroke could cause Anton's blindness and euphoria. Officer Krupkie is clotting in his brain, start heparin to thin the blood, find the clot and yank it out.

Foreman: The clot would be at the top of the bilateral vertebral arteries.

House: Great! Chase stick your fingers in there, and grope around until you find it. Oh wait! When you turn him into a vegetable then there's gonna be frivolous lawsuits. You know what would be better; contrast MRI? Do we have one of those?

Chase: We can't do an MRI, if the bullet fragment's magnetic, they'll move and rip his brain apart.

House: Well, let's flip a coin, heads MRI, tails he dies.

Foreman: Police issued Kevlar vests don't have the ceramic plate that would shatter a bullet, they would just catch it. So the bullet shattered on its own, meaning Babyshoes was using .38 caliber hollow points, which unfortunately are ferromagnetic.

[Cameron looks impressed, and House smirks]

House: It's just so cool that you know that!

Cameron: We could to an angio to find the clotting.

House: Waste of time, the skull creates too much artifact, we'll never get a decent view.

Chase: Next best thing to an MRI.

House: And a waste of time.

Foreman: An angio might show...

House: OH GOD...it's a coup! Fine go do your angio, when you're done wasting your time come meet me down in the morgue.

[House walks off, and all the ducklings look very confused as to why House would have them meet in the morgue.]

[Cut to Joe in a procedure room.]

Cameron: We're gonna snake a catheter in your femoral artery and up into your brain so we can check for clots.

[Foreman lays a led bib over Joe's lower extremities]

Foreman: Keep this on throughout the procedure, unless the pot's already made you sterile.

Joe: I have a stressful job. You got no idea.

Foreman: I grew up with cops like you. One part bully, nine parts hypocrite.

[Cameron looks decidedly uncomfortable, and Foreman goes into the control room, Cameron joins him a moment later.]

Cameron: What is wrong with you?

Foreman: Just having some fun.

Cameron: The man is sick and scared.

Foreman: The man is a crooked cop.

Cameron: Maybe you should take yourself off the case Foreman.

Foreman: You don't have to like someone to be their doctor. [Goes onto the intercom] Hey how you doing there buddy? Just sit still, and we'll have you back out there scaring the crap out of people in no time. [Smiles slightly] Happy?

[Cameron gives him a dirty look]

[Cut to the morgue, with Chase checking out the angio]

House: What did the angio tell us?

[House is going through the various freezers, checking on the bodies.]

Chase: What are you looking for?

House: I called my mom, she didn't pick up. What did the angio tell us?

Cameron: That Foreman should be off this case.

House: He's a neurologist, unless you think the patient's optic nerve is in his spleen.

Cameron: He doesn't like cops.

House: [Very sarcastic] Foreman, policemen are our friends. If you and I are against separated shopping...

Foreman: I was just busting the guy's chops.

House: See! He was just busting the guy's chops. Foreman is essential to solving this case. Medically, what did the angio tell us?

Chase: There appears to be some clotting, possibly around the Circle of Willis. Based on the progression of symptoms, the clot is growing. We need to cut into the...

House: Saying there appears to be clotting, is like saying there appears to be a traffic jam up ahead. Is it a ten-car pileup? Or just a really slow bus in the center lane, and if it is a bus is it a thrombotic bus, or an embolic bus? Think I pushed that metaphor too far. [While he is talking, he is pulling a corpse out of one freezer. He then walks over to the tray on the side.]

Foreman: Angio can't tell us that information.

House: Oh, so you're saying it was just a waste of time?

Foreman: It gave us some information, without killing him.

House: You don't know that an MRI will kill him!

Foreman: The bullets have a ferrous base!

House: Little tiny pieces trapped in his head, they're not going anywhere! [House puts in ear plugs]

Chase: Maybe it's worth attempting surgery to remove the fragments.

House: Surgeons say inoperable, and the patient's on blood thinners. Other then that perfect plan. [Pulls a gun out of a plastic bag]

Cameron: You got a better plan?

House: Much! [Shoots the corpse in the head, and then looks at the ducklings...Cameron is trying to cover her ears, Chase looks like he's going to run away screaming, and Foreman is grinning] Bullet's identical to the one Babyshoes popped Joe with. Let's see how magnetic it is.

Guy: Did anyone hear a...[Sees House with the gun]

House: I shot him! He's dead! [Sees that Foreman is still grinning, and looks at him funny]

[Cut to Chase and Foreman wheeling the gurney with the corpse on it into the MRI suite.]

Cameron: The bullet split into four fragments, no exit wounds.

House: Only used a half-load of gunpowder.

Cameron: It won't be exactly precise comparing the location on an x-ray to an MRI.

House: How unprofessional was Foreman?

Foreman: Ask him yourself, he's right here. [Very sarcastic, and waves his arms dramatically]

Cameron: Worse then usual, better then you. He berated Joe for being a bad cop.

House: Berated or humiliated?

Cameron: I'm not sure; I didn't have my thesaurus with me.

House: One implies he too pleasure in it. I want to know if it was repressed black anger, or just giddiness.

Foreman: Whoa! You think I'm sick?

House: I think that an appropriate response to watching your boss shoot a corpse is not to grin foolishly.

Foreman: The fact that I've grown bored by your insanity is proof of nothing.

House: [Using the intercom] Dr. Foreman, Dr. Chase requests your assistance! [He sees Chase struggling with the body in the background]

[Cuddy walks in]

Cuddy: I can't even imagine the backwards logic you used to rationalize shooting a corpse.

House: Well if I shot a live person, there's a lot more paperwork.

Cuddy: Then it won't be a problem for you to stand beside the casket at the wake, and explain why a cancer patient has a bullet hole in his head.

House: The man donated his body to science! Yes, it's a tragedy! If I hadn't shot him, his body could have spent the next letting first year med students use the car pool a.

Chase: He's set.

Cuddy: Do not turn that on House!

House: You're mad because I put a bullet in his head. The worst all I'm doing now is taking it out.

[He turns the machine on]

[Cut to the body, see the bullet fragments moving slowly to the surface of the skull, and then bursting out and breaking the MRI.]

[Cuddy gives House a scathing look]

House: My bad.

[Cut to House's office, he is sitting there, head down, tapping on his cane with his fingers, Foreman is sitting backwards in a chair, looking much like House. Cameron is looking seriously nervous, and sitting on the countertop.]

[Chase walks in.]

Chase: [Clears throat] They have to, uh, shut down the magnet to fix it. MRI's gonna be out of commission for at least two weeks.

[Foreman giggles, and Chase sighs]

House: Well it doesn't matter; we obviously can't use it on this patient.

Cameron: No, but there are other doctors in this hospital, and other patients.

House: That helps explain how they can afford all the fancy equipment. I'm sure not pulling my weight.

Foreman: Is doing nothing an option? [Looks at all the others] I'm just saying, maybe the clot will break up on its own; the giddiness seems to have gone away.

Chase: The blindness hasn't.

House: Echo his heart.

Cameron: Looking for what? The problem is obviously neurological.

House: Clots are in his brain, the source of the clots may not be. Do a complete transthorasic echocardiogram, maybe we get lucky, maybe the clots are coming from his heart.

[They get up and leave, and House watches Foreman carefully]

[Cut to the echo screen]

Chase: Heart's clean.

Cameron: Where else can we look?

Chase: We could ultrasound his legs look for a DVT. I need you to move over.

[Joe starts to seize a little]

Chase: Tachycardia, heart rate's 150 and rising.

[Blood starts to pour out of the wounds on Joe's face]

Chase: Get the saline wide open!

Cameron: He's bleeding out!

Foreman: [Standing off to the side, looking at his nails, and speaking very sarcastically] House wanted to thin his blood, sure did a good job!

[Cameron looks at his angrily.]

Cameron: BP's crashing, he's going into shock!

Chase: Intracranial bleeding, we need to relieve the pressure!

Cameron: We need a surgical team.

[Foreman still stands off to the side, and is now laughing outright]

Cameron: Foreman get out!

Foreman: Boy is he screwed! We clot his blood...he dies. We thin it...he dies! [Very laughingly, not serious at all, keeps laughing] Am I the only one to find this funny?

[Off Chase and Cameron's looks, they are both very concerned, as Foreman keeps laughing]

Foreman: Oh man!

[Cut to a decontamination room, with lots of suits in it. Camera pans over to reveal people in HAZMAT gear in the room, and Foreman in there without anything on.]

Foreman: [Talking to House through the glass] I'm not sick!

House: You hear the one about the guy who bled into his brain and had to have a hole drilled into his skull to relieve the pressure? Hilarious!

Foreman: Someone laughs they're dying? That's absurd!

House: But not funny.

Foreman: If I'm not sick, all you're doing is locking me up with the source, I'll get sick prove you right.

House: If you're not sick, it's not contagious; you've got nothing to worry about. If you are sick the two of you are staying in here until we find out why. So you might want to make friends with the pig. [Foreman laughs] Good news is I can finally get my MRI.

Foreman: No you can't! You blew up the machine!

House: Not the portable one, chuckles. [Foreman stops laughing] Chase and Cameron are bringing it to scan your non-bullet riddled head.

Foreman: Wher...Where you going?

House: To the office, got work to do. Eat your meals, take your temperature every half hour, and any meds I command you to take.

Foreman: So I'm just a regular patient now?

House: No! You get your own thermometer!

[House walks off, and Foreman giggles]

[Cut to House's office, where he is drawing some of his own blood. Chase and Cameron walk in]

House: Check your blood, anyone with an elevated SED rate gets to be Foreman's new roomie.

Cameron: He should be a part of this.

House: He's a patient.

Cameron: He's not irrational...

House: He's not objective.

Cameron: He's got the most motivation to get this diagnosed.

House: Right, you're not even friends with him, why would you care? There's an area of increased T-2 attenuation is his singular cortex.

Chase: Kind of mushy.

House: Singular cortex control emotions, this mushy spot explains the euphoria, question is what's causing the mush?

Cameron: Question you might want to ask... a neurologist. Foreman is a selfish jerk, but he's a neurologist, and he's the only one who's been in that apartment.

House: This is why he shouldn't be here. You wouldn't call him a jerk if he was here. If you think he screwed up at that apartment, you'd keep it to yourself.

Cameron: NO! I...!

House: Well we'll never know; as long as he's not here, he's just like any other patient. Which means we can dump on him all we want. What's eating the selfish jerk's brain?

Chase: West Nile, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis...

House: Test Foreman's blood. Given that he's the only one that got it, person to person transmission is less likely then some sort of deadly toxin that Foreman picked up at the guy's home. Who wants to go next?

[Looks at both Cameron and Chase, and eventually Cameron turns to go.]

House: Whoa! You're ready to sacrifice yourself for a guy that doesn't consider you a friend?

Cameron: He's just a patient right? It's the job.

[She turns to walk away]

House: Hey! You don't have to go anywhere. Joe's apartment is right downstairs in the lab. Foreman brought back samples of everything.

Chase: What was that, 'Who wants to go next'? Some kind of test?

House: Nope, don't worry you made the right call; Foreman stumbled into whatever it is without knowing, and he's way smarter then you are.

[Chase gives him an snide smile, and walks out after Cameron]

[Cut to the lab where Cameron is running the samples that Foreman brought back]

[Cut to the room where Joe and Foreman are both being kept, Chase is there trying to draw blood from Foreman though a HAZMAT suit, it's not going well]

Foreman: OW! Damn Chase! [giggles] You suck at this!

Chase: Sorry, it's this damn suit.

Foreman: I can do it myself, and I'll throw that out. What'd the MRI show? I can't be a part of the differential, and I can't even know what the differential is? You'd of told any other patient what you found out.

Chase: [sighs] MRI showed a lesion on your singular cortex.

Foreman: What's he thinking?

Chase: Toxin's in the lead, viral's a distant second.

Foreman: You think the lesion could be an abscess?

Chase: It's just a small soft area, more mush then...

Foreman: Was there inflammation in the lining of the ventricles?

Chase: There was an increased signal there yeah. [Foreman gets up] What're you thinking?

Foreman: Staph infection. Toxins lead to neuro degeneration, which causes the lesion.

Chase: Not without a fever.

Foreman: The cop had a fever. Mine could be coming; I could've got it directly from him or, dirty dishtowel at his place. Give us Omaya reservoirs deliver linezolid directly into our brains, and we're cured. [Smiles at Chase]

[Cut to House's office again, House is moving around and Cameron is talking to him]

Cameron: Samples tested negative for toluene, arsenic, and lead.

House: What about the blood?

Chase: Negative for West Nile, and Eastern Equine.

Cameron: We have to go back to Joe's apartment get more samples?

House: No one goes back to that place 'til we know what we are looking for. Get some of that cop tape stick it over the doors and the windows.

Cameron: I'll take all the hazmat precautions. The chance of infection is next to nothing.

House: Yeah, I was never that great a math, but next to nothing is....higher than nothing, right?

Cameron: It's not your fault he got sick.

Chase: It would be his fault if we did.

House: We should get a sample directly from Joe's brain

Cameron: We can't do a biopsy, there's too much adema from the bleeding because you gave him heprun.

House: Well I don't think that this is the time to be pointing fingers [He pauses, the awesome sauce light bulb has GONE OFF] I didn't give Foreman any.

Chase: [Stops and looks at House] You wanna give Foreman a brain biopsy?

House: Come on, really, who doesn't?

[Cameron and Chase stand in shock and look at each other as though House said he wanted to get it on with Foreman.]

Chase: This could be a simple staph infection causing neruo degeneration.

House: Without a fever, not a chance.

Chase: Joe had a fever!

House: He also had legion Ella.

Chase: The mush might be forming an abscess. And since there was inflammation in the lining of the ventricles, it makes sense. The staph releases toxins causes neurodegeneration causes a legion.

House: This is a waste of time. [He begins to walk to leave the room]

Chase: We should put a omaya reservoir in Formen's brain to start administrating antibio?

House: If I'm gonna be arguing with Foreman, I may as well do it directly. [Turns around and walks out. Chase turns to look at Cameron.]

[Cut to Foremen lying on the bed, checking his temperature. The small beep indicates for him to look at it and he does. (He's so smart). He sighs, looking at the thermometer and begins to move his left leg then his right.]

Foreman: Curnick sign negative. Rosinski sign. Single positive. [Looks over at Joe, who is moaning somewhat uncomfortable] Patient Joe Lureia destimal and proximal arm contractures. Duration four seconds.

House: [Hits his cane on the window, gaining Foreman's attention] Staph infection most commonly presents on the skin.

Foreman: [gets up from the bed and looks at House like he's crazy (which not to negate he isn't)] Most...commonly? You wanna treat me like any other patient, do it. But the House I know never uses phrases like 'most commonly'

House: You're not laughing anymore.

Foreman: No. [Pause] Think that's a....good thing?

House: [Gives his typical "House Snark Unsure" face] Sort of doubt it. Staff would be in your heart, lungs, spleen, liver or kidneys before it gets to your brain. Your organs are clear, it's not staph.

Foreman: The infection could be limited to a brain abscess.

House: Which I would've seen in your MRI [Sets down the cane and pulls out a paper from his jacket] Sign this so I can take out a piece of your brain. [Puts the paper in the drawer for Foreman to retrieve it]

Foreman: [Gets up and walks over to House near the window] Let me see the MRI.

House: There was no abscess on the image.

Foreman: Let me see it then.

House: [Furrows his eyebrows and smirks] I liked you better when you were jolly. [walks over and gets the MRI, placing it on the window for Foreman to look at it.]

Foreman: MRI was taken over an hour ago. That soft spot can now be an abscess.

House: If it was staph you would have a fever, which you don't!

Foreman: [Walks over to the window and puts the thermometer up to the window] 101.6.

House: [Looks at it quizzically] What idiot gave you that?

Foreman: [pointing the thermometer to House] Put the omaya reservoir in my skull and treat me for the staph.

[Cut to Foreman getting the omaya reservoir done on his brain, House and co. is in the same room with him]

Foreman: Triangle.

Chase: This one?

Foreman: [Looking in front of someone and identifying shapes] Uh...Circle.

Chase: Next.

Foreman: [Stalls]

Chase: Foreman why aren't you answering? Is there a problem?

Foreman: [Stutters] Uh...Square.

House: Tell me your date of birth.

Foreman: Is that House?

Chase: Yeah. Next?

Foreman: Square again. Why is he here?

House: Because my neurologist is having surgery!

Foeman: I thought I was just another patient.

House: You didn't believe that crap did you? [Continues doing the procedure] Date of birth.

Foreman: the Ommya reservoir is inserted into the parietal lobe. My spatial recognition is the issue, not my memory.

House: Oops! Did you say omaya I swore you said biopsy. Hey I'm just messing with your head. Mother's maidan name, please.

Foreman: Get out of my temporal lobe, House.

[Cuts into the room where Foreman and Joe are together. Joe is breathing heavily]

Joe: Hello? You awake? They told me that somebody was sick like me.

Foreman: I'm up.

Joe: Your voice. Are you my doctor?

Foreman: Not anymore.

Joe: You're the guy who doesn't like cops.

Foreman: [quiet] Yeah.

Joe: Can you see?

Foreman: You can't?

Joe: Not a thing.

Foreman: You've been blind a while. The fact that you're aware of it now, could be a sign of improvement.

Joe: [Joe starts crying, clearly in a lot of pain, with shaky breath] It hurts so much doesn't it?

Foreman: I'm okay

Joe: It's gonna hurt. The morphine barely takes the edge off. I'm gonna die aren't I?

Foreman: You die. I die, its not gonna happen.

Joe: Why not? Are you just too stubborn to die?

Foreman: They took a piece of my brain. Whatever's wrong with us, they'll find it.

Joe: Do you believe in prayer?

Foreman: [tears up, his voice gets shaky] Not really.

Joe: Neither do I. My dad always prays.

Foreman: [Whisper] So does mine.

Joe: Do you wanna try it? Try praying?

Foreman: [Nods his head and whispers] Okay.

[Foreman pulls the bed up a little to get comfortable. The scene cuts to House in his office with the lights turned off, playing with a ball on his cane as Woobie Wilson walks in.]

Wilson: How is he?

House: Still dying. [House continues to play with the ball and doing it with precision]

Wilson: [Sighs, looking at House still playing with the ball.] Well you've mastered the another skill though. That's good.

Chase: Foreman's biopsy results. None specific signs of inflammation

House: That's it?

Chase: His result for staph: Negative. He's not even a carrier.

House: Well at least Foreman was wrong too.

Wilson: Yeah there's that.

Cameron: Can I go to Joe's apartment now?

House: No. Go back to the lab start retesting all the samples that Foreman collected.

Chase: For what?

House: Everything. Bacteria, toxins, fungus anything that likes to feast on brain.

Chase: That's thousands...

House: Then Hurry! Cameron suit up you're gonna monitor Foreman. He's onto hand contractures he'll be on Anton's blindness soon. I want hourly checks because when he does go blind he won't be able to tell us. We'll use the data to construct a timeline so we'll see how far behind on Joe he is.

[Everyone stands around for a moment and House looks at them like they're dumbnuts]

House: Why are you still here?

[Chase and Cameron turn to leave, Woobie Wilson stays]

Wilson: You're being cautious. You're being...Common. When you don't give a crap?

House: [turns around angrily and interrupts Wilson] How many of your guys have caught cancer from their patients? Let me know when that happens. Then we can have this conversation.

Wilson: It's just another case, huh?

House: I'll bet you you can even have unprotected sex with your patients without even catching a damn thing. Boy I wish I had your job. [Turns around]

[Wilson looks at House for a moment, obviously hurt by what he said raises his eyebrows and goes to turn to walk away. House bangs the end of his cane on the desk.]

[Cut to Joe who is obviously in pain, making moaning sounds his heart rate going up.]

Cameron: [Looking into Foreman's eyes] Biopsy showed nothing.

Foreman: [Watches Cameron turn around] How can it be nothing? You cut out a piece of my brain.

Cameron: It's nothing personal we just didn't find anything.

Foreman: [Joe is in the background making very loud noises in which he is in excruciating pain] Can you just up his morphine for God's sake?

Cameron: [Sighs a little, still turned around] He's already maxed out 20 milligrams per hour.

Foreman: What about toxins?

Cameron: Everything was negative

Foreman: There was a cover above the stove. Did you see it? I didn't check all the food...but it could be listeriosis.

Cameron: I didn't go back. [Shines a light in his eye] Follow right.

Foreman: Who did?

Cameron: House said we shouldn't go. Too dangerous.

Foreman: The answer's gotta be in that apartment. Not going is too dangerous!

Cameron: I'm sorry.

Foreman: You're thankful. If House would've pointed at you instead of me you would've been the one in here.

Cameron: Look straight forward tell me when you can see the light.

Foreman: It's your JOB to go back, you're a doctor you go where the disease is!

Cameron: Say it when you can see the light.

Foreman: [yelling] I'm dying and you're sitting here measuring how fast I go?

Cameron: [Yelling back] Tell me when you can see the light!

Foreman: [Slaps the flashlight out of her hand] My vision is fine!

[Cut to the flashlight hits the floor right next to a needle]

Cameron: Your left side periphery is reduced!

Foreman: It's fine! I'll prove it! [Bends over and picks up the needle and stabs her with it]

Cameron: Ow! Son of a bitch!

[Cameron stands there her hand over the area he stabbed her with the infected needle, sincerely mortified]

Foreman: Now we're both exposed. You got two choices: you can go tell House what just happened and get your own cot board in here or you can go back to that apartment....you save me, the cop...and yourself.

[Cut to Chase and House standing outside of the room, House resting his head against the window. You can hear Joe screaming in agony from the pain that he's enduring]

Chase: It's not SSPE. I checked your past vaccinations against Joe's none of it matches.

Foreman: Does the blood show antibodies for coxackievirus. [Joe continues to get louder as he's going through more pain] Guys could you please shut him up?

Chase: he's over his limit on morphine.

House: Where's Cameron?

Chase: She said she has some stuff to do. Said she'd be back soon.

[Joe's in the background screaming 'no' as House looks over at Foreman through the window. The scene cuts to Cameron in front of the apartment suited up and cutting through the covering over the door before she goes inside.]

[Cuts to Joe's screaming even louder, the pain evident as his body starts to almost convulse from the immense pain he's enduring. Foreman hits his hand on the box that can transfer items from where House and Chase are over to him, turning around and opening a drawer.]

Chase: What are you doing?

[Foreman pulls out a needle and takes off the cap. He begins to walk over toward Joe and pull up the IV tube]

Chase: [yelling] Foreman!

[Chase bangs on the door to try to catch Foreman's attention, Foreman inserts the needle and begins to pull fluid out of the IV]

House: Imagine of being constantly reminded of the pain you're about to be in.

[Forman looks over at House and Chase and looks back down at Joe]

Joe: [Begging] Stop it, please stop it. [Foreman consoles him by placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering "shhh"]

Chase: [Hitting the window, yelling] Mainline morphine into his caradic could stop his heart!

House: But the pain induced stressed cardio myopathy...either the morphine kills him or the pain does.

Chase: [Obviously flabbergasted] You're condoning this?

House: I'm certainly not going in there to stop him.

[Cuts to Foreman and Joe. Joe now silent and looking at Foreman, obviously in so much pain he's rendered speechless]

Foreman: I'm gonna make you feel better.

[Cut to Foreman inserting the needle into Joe's neck giving him the injection. Joe lets out a small moan, Chase places his hands on his pretty hair and looks stressed. House just looks like...well...House. Cuts back to Joe growing quiet for a second, Foreman watching him before Joe begins to scream again even louder than all the other bloody times.]

[Cuts back to House moving closer to the window and look in.]

House: Joe has a new symptom: hypoalgesia.

[Cuts to foreman who looks over his shoulder.]

[Cuts to House again]

House: Infection is spreading into the pain center of the brain.

[Cuts to Chase for his reaction then cuts to Foreman as he's looking down at Joe who is bobbling around on the bed like something from 28 Days Later. Foreman turns around and walks over in from of where House and Chase are standing, tossing the needle, eyes wide and scared.]

Joe: Ow, please stop, ow...Ow... (you get the idea)

Foreman: His brain is telling him that his whole body is in pain because of the location the painkillers do nothing.

[Cuts to house looking over at Chase.]

House: Suit up. Put the guy in a coma before the pain kills him.

[Cuts to Chase looking at House for a moment before going to do the orders. Cuts to Foreman looking at House. House looks at Foreman and shakes his head. Foreman turns around looking at Joe.]

[Cuts to Cameron in the apartment walking around picking up items and getting samples. Cuts to Foreman and House back at the hospital]

Foreman: What if he uses cedar wood to hide the pot smell? [Ordioprosidium] fungus can grow there.

House: Did you find any cedar wood anywhere?

Foreman: No. But maybe..,

House: Maybe what? [looks at Foreman] maybe somebody can go back and take a second look? And why aren't you pissed off that Cameron's playing hooky while you're life hangs in the balance?

[Cuts to Foreman who turns around and begins to walk away.]

[Cuts to Chase looking over at him. Cuts to House doing the House 'I'm studying your every move' look]

[Cuts back to Cameron holding a garbage bag full of items. Cuts to her exiting out of the apartment.]

House: [sitting on the chair] Whyyy doesn't anyone listen to me anymore?

Cameron: I decided you were wrong.

House: God you're weak. Guy steals your article, tells you you're not his friend. You still wanna risk your life for him.

[Cuts to Cameron taking off the suit]

Cameron: Foreman broke my skin with a tainted needle.

[Cuts back for a House closeup]

House: Wow.

Cameron: Yeah.

House: God you're weak. [Cameron rolls her eyes] Guy tried to kill you. First thing on my list of things do would be to stab him back. Shoot him. Got a gun in my desk. Last thing would be on my list would be to lie to my boss about it and give the bastard everything he wanted.

Cameron: I'm not here for foreman I'm here to save myself.

House: Ehh....[bounces head back and forth] Even with a needle stick your chances of infection are pretty slim. That's why you're wearing the suit. You wanted to be here. He just gave you the excuse. What does that guy have to do to make you hate him?

[Cuts to Cameron who looks down and grabs the bag. House takes his cane puts it front to her and blocks her from moving on]

House: give me the bag. [grabs something out] Mildewed dishtowel.

Cameron: to retest for staff

House: what is that mouse droppings?

Cameron: Mouse droppings. Could carry toxocara. Explain the blindness.

House: Now that I recognize as oven crud.

Cameron: Could be meat with trichinella. Would explain the high fever.

House: What's with rye bread?

Cameron: Mold could be responsible for argot poisoning which could explain the contractures.

House: There are three loaves.

Cameron: So?

House: [goes silent for a moment, thinking] You're going back in there.

[Cut to house on the phone talking]

House: [talking to Cameron] Guy who lives on takeout pizza does not buy three loaves of rye. That's looking too far into the future. [grah mutter] cares about something a lot more than a diet.

[cut to Cameron opening the window and going outside]

House: You on the roof yet?

Cameron: Yeah, I'm here. I don't see any birds.

House: Whistle or something. [Cuts to House looking outside] do that come hither thing.

[Cameron rolls her eyes and begins to coo and toss bread. Birds come very quickly.]

Cameron: Whoa.

[Birds come quickly]

House: If they came that fast it's their behavior pattern. Joe's been feeding them. Now look down, you see a river of pigeon turd?

Cameron: Uhhh...No. There's barely any.

House: That sounds weird. He's cheap. Joe's the guy who looks for the easy way.

[Cut to Cameron opening the door back into the pot room]

House: Probably been stealing cable from his neighbors. Why not steal fertilizer from rats with wings? You see a shovel or a dustpan?

[Cut from house back to Cameron in the pot room looking and finding a bucket]

Cameron: Found a scraper, it looks used. Sitting on a bucket.

House: Bucket full of peigon crap. Perfect home for Cryptococcus neoformans

Cameron: [cut to opening the bucket] Yup.

House: Fungus enters the brain through the spanyol sinus, where it dances its tripe thread of happiness, blindness and intractable pain. Let's hope this experience teaches our cop a lesson. Don't cut corners when you're growing your pot. See you back home.

[Cut back to the hospital]

Foreman: I was there I should've found it.

Chase: Yeahhh...you could've saved us a lot of time.

Foreman: Give me a [something] full of B and [something]. I'll start us both.

Chase: I was waiting for the lab confirmation, I haven't heard from House yet.

Foreman: Look at his EEG. Beta bands have been increasing steadily since we put him under. Guy's unconscious but still in pain.

Chase: Beta bands could indicate at least half a dozen different things.

Foreman: [wincing in pain] One of which is pain. The fact that he's no longer screaming makes us feel better. Not nesscisarily him.

[Chase nods and turns around to walk away]

Foreman: Chase! How's Cameron?

Chase: She's not giddy.

[Cut to Cameron in the lab]

[Cut to Chase in the room administering the drugs]

[Cut to house erasing the board]

[Cut back to Cameron]

[Cut to House playing a wannabe version of la cross with his cane and ball]

[Cut back to the lab where the clock dings, and Cameron looks at the results, tries to call but her phone is not in service, she begins to run]

Chase: Fever's down. White count's improving.

Foreman: Has she said anything to you?

Chase: You mean like, 'I can play the understand why Foreman did what he did and I hold no grudge?'

Foreman: What I did. Did save my life.

[Cuts to Cameron running]

[Cuts back to Foreman and Joe whose heart beat is going haywire. Chase tries to suit up, but Foreman begins to chew at his IVs and takes them out]

Foreman: Get in here and help, forget the suit! He's tachicarding, white blood count [sigh more mutter against the music]

Cameron: It's not crypticoccus

Foreman: What?

Cameron: House was wrong. The samples were negative [begins to run again]

Foreman: So what is it?

Cameron: We don't know!

Chase: Give him the amio

Foreman: We have any more leads?

Cameron: Nope. That was our lead.

[More people are now coming into the room as Foreman gives Joe a shot through the IV, the sound of his heart rate still increased]

Cameron: Foreman!

Foreman: The [something] isn't doing anything...

Cameron: Foreman!

[Joe's heart flatlines]

Cameron: He's in [Bfiv?]

[Foreman goes to the cart and begins to get the pads ready and shocks Joe with them]

Chase: No good hit him again!

Foreman: Come on man...come on, Joe

Cameron: Hit him again!

[Foreman begins to groan in pain, and shakes his hand to subside the reaction and hits Joe again with the pads]

Chase: Give him an [something or rather]!

[Foreman turns around and pulls out the needle and injects the IV again]

Foreman: Nothing! [he begins to do CPR on Joe]

Cameron: He has multiple system failure.

[Foreman continues the CPR reps on Joe's chest]

Chase: Foreman.

[Cut to house walking in seeing Foreman doing the reps]

House: Foreman. Foreman! Time of death.

Foreman: No. [continues]

House: Time of death. 12:26p.m.

[House walks away, Foreman looks like he's going to flip because he thinks he's about to die, and then the thing says TO BE CONTINUED....]

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