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Episode 1

Episode 1 : Dying Changes Everything

Eight weeks after the death of his girlfriend, Amber, Wilson is still mourning her death, and his relationship with his best friend House is shattered. Needing to make a change in his life and give himself time to recover emotionally, Wilson resigns from Princeton-Plainsboro. He is forced to decide if House is a destructive force in his life, while House has to determine if he's responsible for the death of his best friend's girlfriend. The team must push forward as they encounter a case involving an assistant to a high-profile executive, who is a textbook "Type A" personalitiy. The team suspects that the patient's symptoms stem from her obsession to constantly please her demanding boss. However, her shocking medical condition forces the team to rethink their initial diagnosis and see the case through House's eyes. Meanwhile, Cutty attempts to salvage the irrepairable rift between House and WIlson, and Thirteen struggles to treat the patient objectively without bringing the reality of her own medical condition to the case.